School has failed us.

So much of what we need every day is never taught. Skills such as how to get our work done without distraction, solving problems, and how to figure out meaning in our lives. I believe that what’s missing are the processes that will make our work more productive and our lives more fulfilling.

I design customized and curated workshops to bridge that gap.

I teach individuals how to gain clarity in their personal and professional lives and I lead teams to develop new processes to solve their most challenging business problems–and approach both through a lens of creativity.

“Jake came in and hosted a workshop… it was a transformative experience for me and our team. The takeaways we got from this experience will forever shift our workplace culture for the better.”

-Carolyn Rush, VP Strategy, Worn


Talks and Workshops

Short Programs

I lead workshops at organizations around the creative process and emotional intelligence, building stronger and more human teams. I am constantly building new material both for my personal brand and Caveday, and run workshops as a faculty member at The School of Life.

Keynote presentations and talks are customized for each client, and are typically either 20 or 60 minutes.

Workshops are designed and curated to fit a curriculum but can be tailored to fit any creative or cultural challenge. Workshops work best as a 90 minute or 3-hour session.

Topics have included
How to Focus in a Distracting World
Productivity for Teams
Creative Process
Idea Generation
Using Technology and Creativity Ethically
Creativity for Social Impact
Career/Goal/Life Planning
Team Manifestos

I’ve Been Hired to Speak By

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring and fun
lecture; it was the best I’ve heard. I really appreciated how you
shared your real experience with us.”

-Aurora Kaye, Student at University of Oregon

Retreats and Courses

Longer Programs

I’ve lead retreats that have lasted a full day or a 3 day weekend intensive. I’d be happy to customize or collaborate on a program to fit your team’s needs.

Every year since 2010, I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate courses in creative process, portfolio development, and idea generation. I’m comfortable building out 15 week curricula or week-long mini courses.

I’ve Taught Courses At

“I enjoyed your class a lot more than any other this semester. The course was genuinely fun and I remember laughing on quite a few occasions. You learn *and* you feel good simultaneously — this is rare. Thanks for cultivating that atmosphere; I don’t think I would have survived this semester without it.”

–George N., Student at City College of NY

“It was such a magical experience, and definitely a highlight of my time in NY. Gigantic kudos to you, Jake, for setting the foundation for such deep connections.”

-Jenni Dawes, Retreat Participant