Workshops and Speaking

I help creative teams work smarter.

Workshops and coaching to

• Improve quality of work
• Deepen team engagement
• Enhance creativity
• Increase profitability without increasing time in the office

Let’s talk to review offerings, pricing, and your team’s needs

Here’s the Problem

  • We want to be able to sell our work faster 

  • We’re distracted

  • We are not working together well

  • We are growing too fast, we need better systems and processes

  • We’re not good at giving clear feedback

  • We get defensive when we get feedback

  • We’re burned out

  • Our work is a solid B, but we’re looking to get to an A- or better

How I Can Help

Keynote Talk

30-60 minute talk

Need to inspire your team? 

We’ll work together to choose the right topic and content from my library of talks I’ve given. I’ll come into your office and leave your team inspired, excited, and focused.


3 hour experience

Want your team to be more focused and creative?

I’ve developed a handful of engaging, interactive workshops where I help you build your team’s skills. My workshops are learning by experiencing and doing (not just lecturing) and end up creating stronger, more tight-knit teams.

Coaching for Creative Leaders and Teams

3+ Month Engagement

Looking to level-up?

I help new creative leaders figure out how to manage people and process, not just make the work. I also work with creative teams to establish better workflows, productivity habits, and creative processes to allow them thrive at work.

Let’s talk about how to improve your creative team’s focus, output and process.
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I’ve Been Hired to Speak By

I’m very happy with results we got from Jake. The delivery was right on target. I came away from the event feeling energized, and I can’t help but think “more of this, please!”

-Mikalah Morris, MMGY

“Jake came in and hosted a workshop… it was a transformative experience for me and our team. The takeaways we got from this experience will forever shift our workplace culture for the better.”

-Carolyn Rush, VP Strategy, Worn

“Thank you so much for such an inspiring and fun
lecture; it was the best I’ve heard. I really appreciated how you
shared your real experience with us.”

-Aurora Kaye, University of Oregon

“Your course was genuinely fun and I remember laughing on quite a few occasions. You learn *and* you feel good simultaneously — this is rare. Thanks for cultivating that atmosphere; I don’t think I would have survived this semester without it.”

–George N., City College of NY

I Can Help With

  • Improving Focus

  • Running better meetings

  • Defining your team’s Creative Process 

  • Teaching new idea generation techniques

  • Clarifying team communication, expectations, and team “rules”

  • Teaching how to give better feedback

  • Teaching how to get feedback better

  • Coaching leaders to manage creatives more effectively

I Get It. I’ve Been There.

  • 15 years of professional creative experience

  • As a freelancer, I have worked with over 100 creative teams

  • I have been a creative director since 2013 (and for a long time I didn’t know what I was doing)

  • Over a dozen companies have hired me to work with them on creative process and improving the way they work

  • Since 2011, I have taught college courses every year in creative process, copywriting, ideation and branding

  • I have been burned out and left jobs because I didn’t have the support of my team or confidence in them

  • I cofounded Caveday to help teach people to focus in a distracting world