My career has always been a series of projects and collaborations. They tend to fall in the messy middle of the venn-diagram that includes design, entrepreneurship, storytelling, and community.

Current Projects

Jake Kahana Caveday Art Project Cofounder


A company whose mission is to improve our relationship to work– through facilitated deep work, community, and corporate training.

Cofounder, Director of Content 

Jake Kahana mural greece painting

Fine Art

Paintings and sketches in a variety of series. Watercolor, pastel, oil pastel, ink, and charcoal pieces, ranging from 5×7″ to 24×36″.


Jake Kahana The Life Reader

Yearly Documentation

I keep lists to organize and document each year, culminating in an annual Life Reader book.


Previous Projects

Jake Kahana You're Better Than Brunch

You’re Better Than Brunch

Building community and creating monthly events for a weekend adventure club.

Creator, Director

3800 Days in LA

A digital love letter to LA as a virtual driving tour through the city, calling out personal stories and favorite locations along the journey.

Designer, Writer, Coder (HTML, CSS, Node.js)

Jake Kahan BettVR With Age

BettVR with Age

A series of Virtual Reality films aimed at enriching the lives of senior citizens.

Director, Editor, Producer

Jake Kahana Once Upon a Pancake

Once Upon a Pancake

A book of story starters for creative writers to work collaboratively, launched and funded on Kickstarter.

Art Director, Illustrator
In Collaboration with Rick Benger

Jake Kahana Home

Home, 2017

A digital photographic illustration of every city I’ve called home.


Jake Kahana People in my Life

People in My Life

150 posters of the relationships I had in my life from 2010-2011 based on Dunbar’s Number.


Jake Kahana Nickel In My Jar

Nickel In My Jar

A children’s book teaching kids to be silly and laugh at themselves.

In Collaboration with Caroline Palo

Jake Kahan The Night Hustle

The Night Hustle

Creative accountability community that consulted on nearly a dozen projects, some of which have turned into businesses,  TV pilots and NYTimes Best-selling books.


Jake Kahana Newswordy

What’s Newswordy

A website experiment scraping the front page of 5 major global news sources to find the most used word each day.

Designer, Coder (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
In collaboration with Natalie Sun and Ian Serlin.

Jake Kahana Beyonce

O Bey once

A poster created for Beyonce’s 35th birthday in the style of Shepard Fairey.


Jake Kahana PostIt Complinotes

Post It CompliNotes

Secret notes written in Post-It pads at 72andSunny. As people discovered them, they kept them on their desk for inspiration.


Jake Kahana Gallery 1988 Beaker Muppets

Muppet Lab Rat

Poster designed for submission to pop culture art gallery in Los Angeles for their Muppet-themed show.


Jake Kahana 72andHungry


My partner and I created a website that suggested a lunch restaurant near our agency (72andSunny) and 3 people to go with you.

Write, Designer Coder (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
In collaboration with Jeff Gonick

Jake Kahana Illustration Collaborate To Create

Collaborate To Create

Illustration commissioned by 72andSunny to express one of their core values.


Jake Kahana Breast Cancer Be Trippin

Breast Cancer Be Trippin

Comedy event and podcast in 2010 benefitting breast cancer research, featuring women comedians such as Tig Notaro, Garfunkel and Oates, Natasha Leggero and Heather Macdonald.

CoCreator, Producer
In Collaboration with Eddie Quintana

Future Projects

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Branding and Identity Design

Idea development and prototyping

Presenting, Facilitating, Teaching, and Public Speaking

Curriculum Building and Experience Design


Community Building and Gathering

The Future of Work

Ethical Technology slash Tech Designed For Humanity

Racial/Gender Equality and Social Impact