My Brother’s Keeper (Obama Whitehouse)

Project Details

The Obama White House founded the first ever Creative Alliance, a collection of agencies tackling social issues. As a member, Matter Unlimited was selected to work on "My Brother's Keeper", an initiative to close the opportunity gap for young men and boys of color.

I lead a team of 3 creatives and a producer to build a brand and identity, launched a series of films, and a website which connected people to to get more involved with the program. The campaign launched on the heels of the Oscars and the cultural dialogue around #OscarsSoWhite. The launch is part of a multi-year multi-channel campaign that will extend long beyond the Obama administration.


The Obama Foundation and The White House




Creative Director


Alexandra Gordon, Managing Director
Ashley Jamieson, Producer
Lea Einarsen, Designer
Rob Holzer, Executive Producer
Mike Howard, Writer
Mass Appeal, Production Company