Current Life Philosophy
“Everyone is constantly in transition. Our stories only make sense in retrospect.”

Jersey City, NJ

What Do You Do?
I help people thrive in a world overrun with distraction by leading them in unlearning bad habits and replacing them with new, better ones. (What does that actually mean?) I develop content and design workshops and talks to train individuals and teams how to work more effectively.

Current Priorities

2019 Vision and Thesis
The Year of Integration
Captain My Ship

Besides the usual movies, books, year goals, etc.  I’m keeping track of personal relationships. I’ve got a spreadsheet of every person I see face-to-face and every run-in since January 2018. I’m also taking photos of each meeting. It’s been a great experiment in being more intentional with time and seeing people that I want to see as much as possible. Check out more of my documentation here, or read more about my ideas here.