Current Life Philosophy
“Everyone is constantly in transition. Our stories only make sense in retrospect.”

Jersey City, NJ

Professional Title
Entrepreneur, Designer, Facilitator

What Do You Do?
I create products and content that help people live more enriched and meaningful lives.

Design and storytelling are powerful tools that should be used for good– to help people. Even if that means making them think hard, work diligently, or commit outside what’s comfortable.

Current Priorities
Career Transition (separating my personal brand from my design work. See progress and notes at

3 Recommendations
Book – “Do The Work” Steven Pressfield
Video – “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”
Product – The School of Life question cards

Besides the usual movies, books, year goals, etc, in 2018, I’m keeping track of personal relationships. I’ve got a spreadsheet of every person I see face-to-face and every run-in in 2018. I’m also taking photos of each meeting. It’s been a great experiment in being more intentional with time and seeing people that I want to see as much as possible.