I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life and have a degree in fine art. My fine art work is mostly painting and drawings and I post as often as I can on my instagram.

Previous Projects

Jake Kahana 100 Albums paintings

100 Albums

100 Watercolor paintings of some of the greatest albums of all time, 3×3″.


Jake Kahana 45 Villians Fine Art

45 Villians

45 Watercolor paintings of Donald Trump as famous villains.


Blur Jake Kahana


A series of paintings reimagining Norman Rockwell in the 21st Century.


Jake Kahana Mural Crete

Mural in Heraklio, Crete

I won an artist residency in Crete as part of an annual festival. I wrote about my creative process and the story behind the final painting here.


Ferris Bueller Jake Kahana art

Cameron Frye

Pop culture portrait in watercolor. 5×7″.


Silhouette portrait jake kahana

Wedding Silhouettes

I went to a dozen weddings from 2014-2018 and for each one, I hand-cut paper in the silhouetted shape of each couple’s profiles.


Charity Water Painting

The Power of Water

An unofficial collaboration with charity:water and their brand content lead Tyler Riewer, using watercolors to paint portraits of the communities they serve. 24×36″.


Bill Murray Painting Jake Kahana

Phil Conners

Pop culture portrait in watercolor. 5×7″.


Phubbing on the train Jake Kahana

Phubbing on the Train

A series of sketches and drawings of people on the NYC subway looking at their phones. 5×7″.


Believe in Something Jake Kahana watercolor Kaepernick

Believe in Something

Portrait of Colin Kaepernick. 9×12″ Watercolor.


Portrait Jake Kahana


A series of pen and ink portraits. 5×7″.